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  • Aloha Soap

    Our soaps are true soaps and detergent free. This Aloha soap smells of coconut and lime! Lathers amazing and is perfect for all skin types.

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  • Apple of My Eye Soy Candle 14.5 oz

    This candle is very inviting, smells of apple orchards. Not sweet more crisp and refreshing.
    Our candles burn clean and evenly. Burns approximately 100 hours.

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  • Argan and Castor Oil Split end Serum

    If you use hot tools to style hair, you need this in your hair regimen.
    Made with true oils and no fillers. Apply to ends after a shower to prevent damage from heat. Or After styling to seal ends and control fly away hair.
    Comes in 2.0 oz bottle. Use pea size amount, can also be used as an oil mask to help regrow and deep condition hair.

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  • Blackberry and Vanilla Lotion bar

    Our Lotion Bars are just what you need for extra dry skin. Can't stand lotion? try our lotion bars! Simply place on hand, body heat will soften. Glide all over body or desired areas. Perfect for hands, elbows, knuckles and feet.
    Scented with Blackberry and Vanilla.
    Comes in 2.5-3 oz bar and storage tin.

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  • Blackberry Vanilla Lotion 8oz

    Our handmade lotions are made with the most nourishing butters. Scented with Warm Vanilla and hints of ripe Blackberry. Fast absorbing and drying, comes in 8 oz pump for for easy use.

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  • Bottoms Up Beer Soap

    Our blend of oils and beer makes a very rich and silky soap. This soap is great for people with dry skin, smells of cedar and amber.
    Comes in 4.5 oz bar

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  • Candy Cane Soap

    Our Soaps are true soap and detergent free. This bar is a true holiday soap, scented with peppermint and topped with glitter!

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  • Chamomile Facial Soap Bar

    With our most gentle ingredients, this bar is perfect for sensitive skin. Used to cleanse face of impurities without over drying! Comes in 3.5 oz bar.

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  • Charcoal and Mint Foaming Sugar Scrub

    Troubled skin? no problem! Our Activated charcoal and mint sugar scrub helps remove impurities and clogged pores. Refreshing mint give it an extra clean sensation. Comes in an 8 oz jar.

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  • Charcoal Detox Soap

    Our Activated Charcoal and Detox Soap is a must have for any skin regimen.
    Detox your skin while leaving it hydrated and replenished.
    Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oils leave your skin feeling earthy and clean.
    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar and it's perfect for all skin types.

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  • Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb

    Our Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb is a seductive and floral bath experience.
    Simply Drop in tub and feel your stress lift. Comes in a 4.0 oz bomb

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  • Citronella Soy Candles 16oz

    Our 100% soy and Citronella soy candles are natural. They are made 100% with Citronella essential oils.
    They are effective in potent in repelling Mosquito's and other insects.
    Burns over 100 hours, they come in 16 oz jars.

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  • Diamond Hearts Soap

    Our Soaps are real soap and detergent free. This beauty lathers well and is perfect for all skin types. Comes in 4.5 Oz bar, smells fruity.

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  • French Lavender Cream 6 oz

    Our french Lavender cream is a must.
    Thick and luxurious cream help heal and hydrate dry stressed skin.
    Smells of true lavender. Comes in 6.0 oz ease squeeze tube.

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  • Gingerbread Man Soap

    Our Christmas soap is here for limited time!
    Our gingerbread man smells of hot cocoa
    Comes in 5.0 oz bar

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  • Girls Soap

    Because legos are not just for boys!
    Our Girls lego soap is a great and fun addition to bath time!
    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar and is scented with a citrus gender neutral fragrance. Perfect for all skin types.

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