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  • Snuggle body butter

    Snuggle with our amazing chamomille and lavender cream

    Feel like a warm fuzzy blanket is loving all of you!

    Thick and creamy, it will nourish your skin and leave a light scent all day.

    Our cream is:

    Made with Organic Ingredients


    Perfect for all skin types

    Comes in an 8 oz Jar


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  • Sunshine Soap Bar

    Feel refreshed and awake with our blend of Grapefruit and Mint!

    Made using Double Milk and Shea Butter, just what your dry skin craves!

    Silky and bubbly

    Comes in a 4 oz bar


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  • 2020 Grad Gift Box

    Our 2020 Grad box is the perfect gift!

    Pamper your grad and bring a smile to their face with this amazing spa box.

    Our box includes:

    One 8 oz funny candle made with 100% soy wax

    One Handmade fun soap bar

    One relaxing bath bomb

    One amazing fruitloop scented body cream

    Our box comes gift wrapped!!!

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  • 2020 Funny Graduation Candle

    Celebrate your 2020 grad with this funny candle!

    Smells like graduation sucked thanks to the corona!

    It comes in an 8 oz glass jar.

    They will be delivered for free to the Reno/Sparks area.


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  • Serenity Luxury Soap Bar

    Our Double Milk and Shea Soap is luxurious

    Milk hydrate skin while shea softens and soothes

    Our serenity blend of lavender and spearmint is relaxing and calming

    Shower in absolute heaven and relaxation

    Comes in a 4.0 bar

    Made using only 100% organic ingredients

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  • Blackberry Vanilla Body Cream

    Our very best body and hand cream in our blackberry and vanilla fragrance.

    Warm with hints of ripe blackberries

    made with 100% organic ingredient

    Our cream is thick and hydrating

    6 oz squeeze tube

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  • Double Milk & Shea Soap Bundle

    Our luxury milk and shea soaps are absolutely bubbly and silky

    They nourish and hydrate skin of all types

    Our bundle comes with our three top best sellers:

    Grapefruit and mint is uplifting and cheerful

    Chamomile and lavender is relaxing and soothing

    Rose is silky and seductive

    They come in 4.0 oz bars

    Made with 100% organic natural ingredients


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  • Stuck in the 90’s Soap

    Cucumber melon is definitely a 90’s scent.

    This amazing and nostalgic soap will bring you back to your best years,

    Smells true of cucumber and melon

    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar

    perfect for all skin types.

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  • Double Milk Shea chamomile Lavender Soap

    Chamomile and Lavender are such an amazing mellow scent.

    Take a shower and melt the stress away from a day’s hard work.

    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar

    Made with Organic and skin-loving ingredients

    Palm Free

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  • Fiji Date & Lemon Soy Candle

    Bring Spring in and Positive Energy vibes!

    This candle is amazing, uplifting and absolutely elegant.

    The fresh sweet lemon is always a favorite.

    Comes in an 8 oz elegant glass jar


    Burns 40-45 hours

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  • Double Milk and Shea Rose Soap

    Our Luxury Double Milk and Shea soaps are exquisite!

    They feel absolutely silky and nourish your skin.

    Made using shea and milk and scented with Rose.

    Our Soaps are:

    Made using Organic Ingredients

    Handmade with Love

    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar’

    Beautifully and Elegant packaging.



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  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap

    Our Double Milk, shea and cherry blossom soap is a luxury you deserve!

    Creamy, and luxurious. This soap is everything you need to go from an ordinary shower to an extraordinary ritual!

    Smells absolutely feminine and sexy!

    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar



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  • Peachy Soy Candle

    Peachy is a total mood!

    Ripe peach and vanilla make this candle decadent and mouth-watering!

    Perfect for that sassy person in your life!

    8 oz jar

    100% Soy


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  • Healing Quartz Candle

    You are not Ordinary, you’re extraordinary in every way!

    This candle mixes ordinary soy wax with extraordinary healing quartz and botanicals.

    It not only looks beautiful but will fill your home with elegant aromas that will captivate your senses!!!

    8 oz soy wax

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  • Wild Child Soap Bar

    Wild child

    A free spirit, loves hard, has a unique soul!!

    Is that you? this soap bar is for you!!


    4.5 oz bar

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  • Lustful Soap Bar

    Feeling Lustful this Valentine’s Day?

    The feeling of Euphoria and sexiness that we all need to feel!!

    Let your emotions flow, this soap bar will captivate you.

    4.5 oz bar

    Non- Vegan



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