Truly handmade: Made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter and Coco butter. Our oils are premium blends to provide you with the most benefits.

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  • Rosemary Lime Soap Bar

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  • Stargazing Soap Bar

    With a beautiful scenery of a midnight stargazing kitty over a full moon, our stargazing soap is everything a cat lover needs!
    Scented with fruity notes and topped with sparkles and sprinkles.

    Made with Goat’s Milk
    5 oz Soap Bar
    Great for dry and normal skin types

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  • Cocoa Donut Bath Bomb

    If you love taking baths, why not add extra moisture to your skin?!
    Our Cocoa Butter Donut Bath Bombs nourish and hydrate skin while elevating bath time.
    Relax and enjoy a hot bath with hints of ripe mangos, berries, and cantaloupe.
    It’s a relaxing vacation in the tub.
    Made with all organic ingredients
    Nut-Free skin-loving oils
    Ethically sourced cocoa butter
    5 oz bath bomb

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  • Lavender and Sage Soap Bar

    Our Lavender and Sage Soap bar is incredibly fragrant, with notes of relaxing lavender and earthy sage. Our Soap lathers well and is super creamy and hydrating. Made with goat’s milk and shea butter to help dry stressed skin.
    Made with Nut-free ingredients
    Made with Goat’s Milk
    5 oz soap bar

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  • Oatmeal Milk Honey Soap

    If you have dry stressed skin this is a wonderful bar to help combat dryness.
    Made with oatmeal to help with itching skin and raw local Nevada honey to soothe dryness.
    We added goat’s milk and shea butter to create this amazing creamy and warm-scented soap bar.
    Our soap bar is Organic
    Goat’s Milk Based
    Palm Oil-Free
    5 oz bar

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  • Creamy Honey Lemongrass Soap Bar

    Our Honey and Lemongrass Soap bar is a citrus delight!
    Made with Local raw honey and Lemongrass essential oils, it is invigorating and energizing. The lather is creamy and hydrates and nourishes skin with skin-loving Shea Butter.
    Made with all Organic Ingredients
    Made with Palm-Free Oil
    Made with Nut-Free Products
    5 oz soap bar

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  • Green Machine Soap Bar

    Our Invigorating earthy green machine is perfect if you enjoy more clean and fresh scents. The scent is gender-neutral, made using goat’s milk and Organic Ingredients.
    Great for all skin types
    Made with Goat’s Milk
    5 oz soap bar

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  • Orange Blossom Soap Bar

    Our Orange Blossom Goats milk soap is uplifting and energizing
    Lather up and feel ready for the day!
    Made with Organic Ingredients
    Goats Milk
    Nut Free
    5 oz soap bar

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  • Soap Saver Eco-Friendly

    Our soap savers are a must to prolong the life of our handmade soaps.
    Made from natural agave plant fibers, it’s sustainable and plastic-free.
    Insert soap bar and hang between uses to allow soap to dry completely.
    Wooden bead keeps soap in place.

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  • Milk + Oatmeal Soap

    Problematic dry skin doesn’t stand a chance with our amazing goat’s milk + Oatmeal soap bar.
    Oatmeal has been used for decades to alleviate dry itchy skin, combined with Goat’s milk and Shea butter it’s just what your skin needs!
    Excellent for dry or sensitive skin
    Comes in a Jumbo 5 oz bar

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