Truly handmade: Made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter and Coco butter. Our oils are premium blends to provide you with the most benefits.

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  • Activated Charcoal and Shea Facial Bar

    Want to add a little extra to your skin regimen? Our activated charcoal bar helps detox and purify the skin. Shea butter helps prevent excess dryness. Comes in a 4.0 oz bar.

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  • Black Tie Party Soap Bar

    Our best seller! Our best blend of oils, in this very masculine scented soap. Activated charcoal and dead sea salt add detoxification and exfoliation to the skin. Lathers beautifully good for all skin types.

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  • Black Widow Soap Bar

    This soap is a very seductive bar, scented with hints of fruit and floral notes. Will be one of your favorites! 4.5 oz bar

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  • Bottoms Up Beer Soap

    Our blend of oils and beer makes a very rich and silky soap. The lather is amazing and cleans beautifully. Best Seller, 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Bubble Gum Madness


    Sweet as Gum, smells of candy! Our Best Seller, (4.5 oz Bar)

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  • Caramel & Honey Soap

    Our Honey and Caramel bar is a sweet shower treat! Smells more of caramel with light hints of honey. Comes in a 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Chamomile Facial Soap Bar

    With our most gentle ingredients, this bar is perfect for sensitive skin. Used to cleanse face of impurities without over drying! Comes in 3.5 oz bar.

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  • Cherry Cupcake Soap

    One of our best selling soap cakes, scented with cherry fragrance. 4.5 oz

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  • Cherry Pie Soap Slice

    Our Beautiful blend of oils make this soap almost good enough to eat! Smells of Cherry of course!!

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  • Cupids Kiss Soap Bar

    Our soaps are true soaps not detergent. Made using cold process methods.

    Our Cupids kiss is a lovely colorful bar, gold colored sea salt and glitter make it extra pretty. Scented with cherry blossom and peach.

    Comes in 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Dreams Soap Bar

    Our Lovely Unicorn Soap, scented with pear & apple. Lathers Beautifully and smells oh so yummy! 4.5 oz bar

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  • For Her Sample Pack of Six Soap Bars

    Our Sample Pack just for her! Includes: Simply Naked, Sweet & Salty, Lavender Oats and Chamomile infused Bar, cherry explosion and rose seduction.

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  • Goat’s Milk Mint Soap

    Our goat’s milk soap is a must have for those suffering from eczema or really dry skin. Cleanses skin while replenishing deep moisture. Scented with Peppermint Essential oil and comes in a 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Honey Lemongrass Bar

    Like drinking a cup of lemongrass tea with honey in a cold winter day! This bar is our best seller! Mild and perfect for sensitive Skin. (4.5 Oz Bar)

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  • Kiss Me Soap cake

    Everyone loves soap cupcakes, this one is fun and flirty. Smells fruity and lathers beautifully.4.5 oz cupcake

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  • Lavender Oats Bar

    Our Beautiful Bar is perfect for dry skin, naturally exfoliates skin. Calming scent of lavender. (3.5oz)

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  • Lego Soap Bar

    Our soap is true soap and detergent free. Nourishes and cleanses skin while leaving it hydrated. The fragrance is a citrus blend and is gender neutral. Comes in 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Licorice Dreams

    This beautiful bar smells of black licorice!

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  • Marbled Beauty

    Our perfect blend of oils and Essential oils make this beautiful bar the most wonderful!  Beautiful lather and antibacterial properties. (3.5oz)

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  • Mermaid Dreams Soap

    This soap is mermaid love's delight! Our hand made soap is detergent free and very moisturizing. Scented with a refreshing scent of fresh ocean water and hints of sea salt. Comes in 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Olive Oil Soap (VEGAN)

    The most nourishment your skin can get from a bar of soap. Naturally (VEGAN), scented with cedar wood essential oil. Perfect for dry skin. 4.5 oz bar

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  • Olive Oil Soap (VEGAN)

    Wonderful for dry skin, naturally vegan. Enhanced with French green clay and scented with cedar wood essential oil.

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  • Orange Lime Soap Bar

    This is a  citrus lover’s delight. This Soap is very invigorating and refreshing. Dry oranges give it extra exfoliation. Scented with Orange, Lemon and Lime essential Oils. 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Pink Soap Bar

    Our Pink soap bar is detergent free and made using natural ingredients. Our soap lathers beautifully cleansing skin while replenishing moisture. It is scented with wild flowers and hints of fruit. Comes in 4.5 oz bar.

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  • Rose Seduction Bar

    Our Beautiful Blend of oils in this beautiful sensual bar! Smells of Roses.

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    Rosemary Shampoo Bar

    Our Rosemary and Clove shampoo bar is a must have. Rosemary leaves hair shiny while aloevera extract helps hair grow. Cloves naturally combat dry scalps, smells amazing. Condition Hair and usual. Can be used head to toe!

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  • Sasquatch Shaving Bars

    Our Natural shaving bars are nourishing and hydrating. They are natural, color and fragrance free. Gentle enough to use in face or body. Used for both coarse and thin hair.

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  • Simply Naked

    Nothing but the good stuff!  Our Naked bar is great for those with allergies and for sensitive Skin.

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    Spearmint & Lavender Soap Bar

    Our Beautiful Blend of Oils in this silky bar is perfect. Best for dry skin, scented with Spearmint and Lavender Essential oils.

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  • Summer Bears Bar

    Our most fun bar ever! Smells tropical.

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  • Surf’s Up Soap Bar

    Our soap bar with with the most nourishing and hydrating oils. This is a beach lover’s paradise, smells clean with hints of salt water. Comes in a 4.5 oz bar.

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    Wild Cherry Bar

    Our best blend of oils, perfect for dry skin. This silky bar is what you need, scented with cherry fragrance.

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  • Wine a little Soap Bar

    This soap is a must have for any wine lover. Wine creates a beautiful extra lather and moisture barrier. Perfect for dry skin, scented with Wine and Berries. 4.5 oz bar

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