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  • Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb

    Our Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb is a seductive and floral bath experience.
    Simply Drop in tub and feel your stress lift. Comes in a 4.0 oz bomb

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  • Grapefruit Mint Bath Bomb

    Relax with our citrus blend of Grapefruit and Mint. Sooth and relax your body with this fizzy bomb
    Simply drop while running bath water to add color, fragrance and bubbles. Gives a whole new meaning to relaxation time. Comes in a 4.0 oz bomb

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  • Lavender Bath Bomb

    This bath bomb is very soothing and calming. Made with lavender essential oil and lavender buds. 4.0 oz

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  • Tropical Bath Bomb

    One of our best sellers! Scented with our tropical fragrance.
    It’s a vacation in the tub, relax and enjoy. Comes in a 4.0 oz bath bomb

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