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  • Chamomile Lavender Bath Bomb

    Our bath Bombs are nourishing and relaxing.
    End a long stressful day with a hot bath enhanced with calming chamomile aromas to soothe and relax you!
    Each bath bomb is about 4 oz
    made with Vegan-friendly fragrances or essential oils
    Nut-Free ingredients

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  • Bubble Gum scented Donuts Bath Bombs

    Our Mega Large Donut Bath Bombs are fantastic for bath lovers!
    Made using Cocoa Butter they soften and hydrate the skin leaving you soft and supple.
    Scented of Bubble gum…
    *5 oz
    All skin types
    Nut Free

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  • Sharky Shark Bath Bomb

    Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo!
    Admit it, you sang that tune!
    Our amazing donut bath bomb topped with bath whip is made from skin-loving shea and cocoa butter.
    Making your skin extra soft and hydrated. Sprinkles and a cute baby shark stress relief toy top our bath bomb.
    Perfect for kid gifts or Christmas stocking Stuffers.
    Made with natural ingrediets
    7 oz bath bomb

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  • Menthol Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

    Combat stuffiness, sinus headaches, and allergies this cold season with our Shower Steamers.
    Made using Menthol and soothing Eucalyptus to open up your breathing passages and reduce congestion.
    Simply cut a shower steamer in half, place it in a corner during your shower to release all the vapors
    Each bag comes with three tablets that need to be cut in half, giving you six showers with amazing decongestion vapors.

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  • Very Berry Bath Bomb

    Our Donut Bath Bombs are fun colorful and skin-loving!
    Our Donut bath bomb is extra fun and colorful. Smells of ripe berries and is topped with Cocoa butter for extra moisture during your bath time!
    Comes in a 5 oz bath bomb.

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