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  • Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb

    Our rainbow clouds are relaxing and vibrant. Made with rainbow colors that produce an amazing and mesmerizing rainbow when placed in the tub
    Let the kids enjoy an elevated bath experience with our clouds

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  • Candy Grapefruit and Mint Bath Bomb

    Our Candied Grapefruit and Mint bath bomb is rejuvenating and energizing
    Get into a bath and feel a second wind of energy kick in, sometimes we need to relax before we kick into gear and tackle the day!
    Made with all-natural ingredients
    Comes in a 5 oz bath bomb

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  • Ripe Peach Bath Bomb

    Our peach bath bombs are a nostalgic summer treat for baths
    They look and smell like ripe Georga peaches right off the tree
    Made using all-natural ingredients
    comes in a 5 oz bath bomb

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  • Mermaizing Bath Bomb

    We all have an inner mermaid trying to escape!
    Our beautiful mermaid tail bath bombs are not only beautiful but skin-loving.
    Topped with cocoa butter to add extra nutrition and hydration during bath time.
    Smells sweet and fruity
    comes in a 5 oz bath bomb

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  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb

    Our top-selling Japanese cherry blossom scent is now also available in a bath-loving bath bomb.
    Made with all-natural ingredients and leaving skin smelling amazing for hours
    5 oz bath bomb

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  • Strawberry Shortcake Bath Bomb

    Our amazing donut bath bomb is topped with a bath whip and a strawberry mini soap.
    Made using cocoa and shea butter, leaving skin soft and hydrated.
    Our bath bomb smells sweet and delicious,
    Made using all-natural ingredients
    7 oz bath bomb

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  • Sharky Shark Bath Bomb

    Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo!
    Admit it, you sang that tune!
    Our amazing donut bath bomb topped with bath whip is made from skin-loving shea and cocoa butter.
    Making your skin extra soft and hydrated. Sprinkles and a cute baby shark stress relief toy top our bath bomb.
    Perfect for kid gifts or Christmas stocking Stuffers.
    Made with natural ingrediets
    7 oz bath bomb

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  • Blue Tahiti Bath Bomb

    Our Blue Tahiti bath bomb is a luxury tropical experience to the Polynesia Islands!
    Notes of tropical fruits and cute little sprinkles make this bath bomb an amazing bath experience.
    Made with Organic Ingredients
    5 oz

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  • Black Rose Bath Bomb

    Our Black rose bath bombs elevate baths to the next level
    Skin-loving and nourishing oils hydrate and soften your skin
    Our beautiful black rose scent leaves your skin lightly scented
    Our bath bombs are natural and perfect for all skin types including sensitive
    Comes in a 4 oz bath bomb

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  • Menthol Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

    Combat stuffiness, sinus headaches, and allergies this cold season with our Shower Steamers.
    Made using Menthol and soothing Eucalyptus to open up your breathing passages and reduce congestion.
    Simply cut a shower steamer in half, place it in a corner during your shower to release all the vapors
    Each bag comes with three tablets that need to be cut in half, giving you six showers with amazing decongestion vapors.

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  • Fun Berry Bath Bomb

    Our amazing berry-Licious bath bomb is a sure treat for your skin.
    Bring your bath time to the next level with our skin-loving bath enhancers.
    Perfect for all ages, and all skin types including sensitive.
    Comes in a 4 oz bath bomb

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  • Very Berry Bath Bomb

    Our Donut Bath Bombs are fun colorful and skin-loving!
    Our Donut bath bomb is extra fun and colorful. Smells of ripe berries and is topped with Cocoa butter for extra moisture during your bath time!
    Comes in a 5 oz bath bomb.

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