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  • White Sage + Citrus Soy Candle

    Our White Sage candle is a balance of earthy sage and citrus notes of Yuzy, lemon, and lime essential oils that make our candle balanced and grounding. Perfect as a meditation candle or if you simply enjoy more earthy scents.
    Made using 100% Soy Wax
    Strong Fragrance
    Burns for 60+ hours

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  • Anxiety Relief Soy Candle 16 oz

    When you are overstimulated and when feeling overwhelmed, burn our anxiety relief candle and feel that warm hug comes over you!

    This is a very complex blend specifically made to help your mind relax, decompress, and soothe you.

    Don’t let the day conquer you, light up our aromatherapy candle and enjoy the soothing lavender, notes of vanilla, and amber.
    Our Candles are:
    100% soy wax
    Made in the USA in small batches
    Vegan Friendly
    16 oz
    Burns for 60-80 hours

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  • Sharky Shark Bath Bomb

    Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo!
    Admit it, you sang that tune!
    Our amazing donut bath bomb topped with bath whip is made from skin-loving shea and cocoa butter.
    Making your skin extra soft and hydrated. Sprinkles and a cute baby shark stress relief toy top our bath bomb.
    Perfect for kid gifts or Christmas stocking Stuffers.
    Made with natural ingrediets
    7 oz bath bomb

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  • Black Currant + Jasmine Soy Candle

    Our Black Currant and Jasmine soy candle is an elegant blend of jasmine and dark fruits smoothed out by an amber and tonka base. This luxurious scent starts with hints of citrus and peach that open up to a heart of red and black currants. Jasmine blossoms envelop the fruit notes with a dreamy, romantic floral aroma
    This scent is sure to turn into a quick favorite!
    Our candles are:
    Vegan Friendly
    burns clean
    Burns for 70+ hours
    16 oz glass jar

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  • Sale!

    Nuleaf Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 900mg

    When it comes to CBD oil, you deserve the best and top quality in the industry.
    Nuleaf Naturals is an amazing product that takes pride in the manufacturing and product quality
    Made with full-spectrum CBD (use the whole plant to extract high concentrated CBD oil)
    Organic and Natural, harvested with fresh Rocky Mountain water
    CO2 Extracted to ensure complete extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial phytonutrients
    Lab verified to ensure it’s safe from pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.
    Comes in a 900mg bottle with 60 soft gels. It’s a 30 day supply, with like any treatment you need two to three months to build up a tolerance and see results.

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  • Soap Saver Eco-Friendly

    Our soap savers are a must to prolong the life of our handmade soaps.
    Made from natural agave plant fibers, it’s sustainable and plastic-free.
    Insert soap bar and hang between uses to allow soap to dry completely.
    Wooden bead keeps soap in place.

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  • Milk + Oatmeal Soap

    Problematic dry skin doesn’t stand a chance with our amazing goat’s milk + Oatmeal soap bar.
    Oatmeal has been used for decades to alleviate dry itchy skin, combined with Goat’s milk and Shea butter it’s just what your skin needs!
    Excellent for dry or sensitive skin
    Comes in a Jumbo 5 oz bar

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  • Menthol Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

    Combat stuffiness, sinus headaches, and allergies this cold season with our Shower Steamers.
    Made using Menthol and soothing Eucalyptus to open up your breathing passages and reduce congestion.
    Simply cut a shower steamer in half, place it in a corner during your shower to release all the vapors
    Each bag comes with three tablets that need to be cut in half, giving you six showers with amazing decongestion vapors.

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  • CBD Rose Milk Bath

    Our Rose CBD Milk Bath is everything you need to relax, restore, and be pain-free.

    Our CBD is Organic, THC FREE, CO2 extracted and third-party certified to ensure top quality. CBD oils penetrate deep into your skin to help reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

    Pink Himalayan salts help sore muscle and elevate your bath to the next level!
    Coconut milk is silky and hydrating, milk baths have been used for thousands of years by royalty!

    Simply add the desired amount to warm bath water and let our Milk bath do the work!

    *250mg of CBD oil per bag
    *Vegan friendly
    * 9 0z bag

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  • CBD Recover Bath Bomb

    CBD Milk Recovery Bath Bomb.

    Perfect for those hard post-workout days or when standing on your feet all day.

    Help your muscles recover quickly with a relaxing bath, mint essential oils, and full-spectrum CBD penetrate muscles to help with soreness.

    Made with 200mg of CBD oil
    Made with full-spectrum CBD
    Co2 extracted
    No THC
    Third party certified CBD oil

    4 oz bath bomb.

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  • CBD Rose Bath Bomb

    Our CBD bath bombs help relieve pain and stress!
    Made with 200mg of pure organic CBD
    Simply drop in a hot bath and soak for 30-45 minutes for best results
    Helps reduce pain and inflammation
    *4 oz

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  • CBD Lavender Bath Bomb

    CBD and lavender make a fantastic combination to relieve pain and help you relax!
    Made using 200mg of pure organic CBD oil
    Simply drop in a hot bath and soak for 30-45 minutes
    Helps relieve pain and inflammation
    *4 oz bath bomb

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  • Extra Strength CBD Cream

    Our Extra Strength CBD Cream is a lifesaver!

    Made with 1000mg of full-spectrum, organic CBD oil, it’s a powerful cream that alleviates pain and inflammation.
    If you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, athletic injuries, muscle aches, or soreness this cream is for you!
    Simply apply generously to the affected areas, menthol will cool down inflamed muscles and bone pain immediately. Wait 30-45 minutes and re-apply if needed. Can be re-applied 3-4 times daily.


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  • Anxiety Relief Wax Melts

    Our Amazing blend of French Lavender and Vanilla Bean

    bring together this very soothing and relaxing aroma.

    Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

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  • Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary Foot Balm

    Our Foot and heel balm is perfect to restore dry and cracked heels. Tea tree oil is known for having anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, rosemary is refreshing.

    Push tube to show bar, apply generous amounts to feet and heels. Wear socks for extra protection.
    Comes in 2.0 oz push tube for easy use.

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