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  • Charcoal and Mint Foaming Sugar Scrub

    Troubled skin? no problem! Our Activated charcoal and mint sugar scrub helps remove impurities and clogged pores. Refreshing mint give it an extra clean sensation. Comes in an 8 oz jar.

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  • Coffee Sugar Scrub

    Foaming Sugar Scrubs are a must to any skin regimen.
    Remove dead skin, and tighten with 100% Colombian Coffee and sugar.
    Awaken your senses with rich natural coffee sent, perfect for all skin types.

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  • Unicorn Sugaa Cubes

    Our Sugar cubes remove dead skin cells, replenish moisture and make skin feels silky smooth.
    Use one cube during shower or bath, rub in circular motion and remove dead cells.
    Scented with tropical Jamaica vegan fragrance.Comes in 8.0 oz jar

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