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  • Anxiety Relief Wax Melts

    Our Amazing blend of French Lavender and Vanilla Bean

    bring together this very soothing and relaxing aroma.

    Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

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  • Bamboo Coconut Soy Candle

    The Bamboo and Coconut combination is amazing.
    It’s very balanced, smells of a spa day.
    Comes in a 8.0 oz jar

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  • Beach Bum

    Smells of a sweet breeze on a sunny day at the beach

    With under notes of salt water, it’s a very relaxing fragrance.

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  • Beach linen Soy Candle

    These candle smell crisp and clean, with a sweet undertone.

    Like a rainy day at the beach, will become one of your favorites.

    Comes in an 8 oz jar, made using 100% soy wax.

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  • Birthday Cake Wax Melts

    This wax melt is amazingly decadent!

    Smells good enough to eat.

    Nothing like a cake baking in the oven to make you happy, topped with sprinkles.

    Comes in a 3 oz container.


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  • Blackberry and Sage Soy Candle

    Our Blackberry and Sage candle is earthy with
    fresh notes of Ripe Blackberry. This candle, puts you in a
    tranquil state of mind.
    Comes in a 8.0 oz jar

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  • Brandied Pear Soy Candle

    Our Brandied Pear Soy candle is amazing.
    Smells of warm pear with light earth tones
    that is intoxicating to the senses.
    Comes in 8 oz jar.

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  • Grandma’s House Apple Pie Soy Candle

    Grandma’s house, smells of apple pie and no rules!
    How true, brighten up grandmas day with this beautiful candle.
    Made with soy wax, 8oz jar.

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  • Grapefruit and Mint Wax Melts

    Our grapefruit and Mint Wax melts smell of ripe grapefruit and hints of mint.

    The scent is very uplifting and crisp.

    Comes in 3.0 oz container that breaks apart to add as much wax as you wish to your warmer.


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  • Jamaica Soy Candle

    If you love fruity smelling candles, these one is for you!

    Smells of Tropical fruit, it will bring you back you to a mental vacation!

    Comes in an 8 oz jar, made using 100% soy wax.


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  • Juicy Pear Wax Melts

    Our wax melts are 100% soy

    This Wax Melt is amazing, it smells like ripe pears.

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  • Lavender and Vanilla Soy Candle

    Our Aromatherapy candles enhance the mood and atmosphere of any space.
    Lavender and Vanilla is a beautiful combination.
    Helps decompress and calm your senses after a long day.
    8 oz candle.

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  • New Mom Soy Candle

    Our new mom candle is a perfect gift for someone with humor!
    Smells of clean diapers and sleep deprivation.
    Comes in 8 oz jar, made using soy wax.

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  • Sailor Salt Water Soy Candle

    Sailor, smells of salt water and cursing lots of cursing!
    Comes in a 8 oz jar, made using soy wax.

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  • Sasquatch Juniper berry Soy Candle

    Sasquatch Soy candle, smells of Juniper berry and Alaska wilderness.
    Comes in 8oz jar, made with soy wax.

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  • Sea Salt and Orchid Soy Candle

    This soy candle is very sensual, flirty and inviting.

    The Sea salt gives it a great stable scent, and the wild orchid comes through beautifully.

    This is not your common floral candle, it’s a very captivating scent.

    Comes in an 8 oz jar.

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