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  • Tree of Life Soy Candle

    Our Tree of Life candle is perfect for those who meditate

    or just want to balance energy. This candle is earthy and grounding,

    bringing you the peace and tranquility we yearn

    8 oz glass jar

    100% soy wax

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  • Magical AF Soy Candle

    Magical AF is a mood and you should own it!♥

    A banana split, with fresh strawberries, topped with whip cream, sugar sprinkles and big pink bubble gum to top it off!

    Yum, Yum Yum,

    Comes in an 8 oz Jar

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  • Cranberry Frost

    Our best holiday candle,

    Tart Cranberries and fresh pine elevate this candle to a luxury spa-like feeling

    8 oz Glass Jar



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  • Holiday candle sample set

    Cozy up and find your mood in our lovely candle set!

    Our set comes with four 4 oz candles that will totally enhance your life!

    Winter Stroll: fresh and clean, like a stroll in the forest after it rains

    Christmas Morning: warm, inviting just like Christmas morning

    Snuggle Weather: Warm and a little sweet

    Movies and chill: warm, sweet and a little vanilla


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  • Holiday Candle Gift set

    The perfect Candle Gift set!

    Enjoy for yourself or give away this holiday season

    Comes beautifully embellished and ready to give to someone special♥


    contains 3 soy candles

    4.0 oz each

    Blackberry Vanilla, Tahoe Pine, and Cranberry Frost

    Our three most popular candle’s in one beautiful set!!

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  • Sale!

    Pumpkin Spice Soy candle

    Pumpkin Spice everything!!!

    Our candle smell absolutely of fall leaves, changing colors and a bit of spice!

    Comes in an 8 oz jar

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  • Mocha Latte Soy Candle

    Our Mocha Latte Soy Candle looks like a Mocha from Starbucks.

    Rich chocolate and notes of coffee make this an out of this world candle.

    Any Hot Cocoa or Starbucks fan will love this!

    Comes in a 12 oz jar

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  • Apples and Bourbon

    Crisp apples and warm hints of bourbon will

    bring a fall into your home. This candle is everything holiday!

    Comes in a 8 oz glass jar

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  • Fall Harvest Soy Candle

    Our Fall harvest candle is everything fall is about!

    A little pumpkin and some spice make this candle a fall hit.

    Wrap yourself cozy and let the aroma seduce your senses.

    Comes in a 7 oz luxury jar

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  • Tahoe Pine Luxury Candle

    Our Tahoe Pine Soy candle is Fresh, Clean, and Crisp.

    We have really captivated the scent of Tahoe in the morning after

    a cool day of rain.

    This candle makes a great house warming gift, or just to brighten up your mood.

    Comes in a 8 oz Jar

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  • Sea Salt and Orchid Wax Melts

    Our Sea Salt and Orchid wax melts are seductive and warm.

    light orchid and sea salt complement each other in this very playful fragrance.

    Break off a piece and add to wax warmer and let the stress melt away!

    Comes in 3.0 oz container

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  • Grapefruit and Mint Wax Melts

    Our grapefruit and Mint Wax melts smell of ripe grapefruit and hints of mint.

    The scent is very uplifting and crisp.

    Comes in 3.0 oz container that breaks apart to add as much wax as you wish to your warmer.


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  • Sea Salt and Orchid Soy Candle

    This soy candle is very sensual, flirty and inviting.

    The Sea salt gives it a great stable scent, and the wild orchid comes through beautifully.

    This is not your common floral candle, it’s a very captivating scent.

    Comes in an 8 oz jar.

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  • Wax Melt Starter Pack

    Our wax melt starter pack includes:

    Sweet Lemon Wax Melts

    Anxiety Relief Wax Melts

    Aloha Wax melts

    Juicy Pear Wax melts

    Beach Bum Wax melts

    Birthday Cake wax melts

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  • Birthday Cake Wax Melts

    This wax melt is amazingly decadent!

    Smells good enough to eat.

    Nothing like a cake baking in the oven to make you happy, topped with sprinkles.

    Comes in a 3 oz container.


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  • Anxiety Relief Wax Melts

    Our Amazing blend of French Lavender and Vanilla Bean

    bring together this very soothing and relaxing aroma.

    Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

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