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  • Rise and Shine Shea Soap Bar

    Feel refreshed and awake with our blend of Grapefruit and Mint!

    Made using Double Milk and Shea Butter, just what your dry skin craves!

    Silky and bubbly

    Comes in a 4 oz bar


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  • Serenity shea soap Bar

    Our Double Milk and Shea Soap is luxurious

    Milk hydrate skin while shea softens and soothes

    Our serenity blend of lavender and spearmint is relaxing and calming

    Shower in absolute heaven and relaxation

    Comes in a 4.0 bar

    Made using only 100% organic ingredients

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  • Chamomile Lavender shea Soap

    Chamomile and Lavender are such amazing and calming scent
    Made with Double Milk to soothe and calm skin and shea butter to nourish and hydrate

    Take a shower and melt the stress away from a day’s hard work.

    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar

    Made with Organic and skin-loving ingredients

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  • Rose Silk shea soap bar

    Our Luxury Double Milk and Shea soaps are exquisite!

    They feel absolutely silky and nourish your skin.

    Rose silk is sensual and flirty

    Made using Organic Ingredients

    Handmade with Love

    Comes in a 4.5 oz bar’



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