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  • Nuleaf Pet CBD

    We partnered with Nuleaf Natural to bring you top quality CBD for your pet.
    Our CBD oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes.
    Most animals have an endocannabinoid system and can benefit from CBD.
    Our CBD oil is great for dogs, cats, horses, and more.
    Each drop has 3mg of CBD and can be added to your pet’s food, a favorite treat, or fed directly.
    Helps with:
    Joint and Stiff joints

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  • Nuleaf Oral CBD

    We partnered with Nuleaf Naturals to bring you top quality CBD at competitive prices! Our CBD oil is Natural, Organic, and Full Spectrum. Our Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive for those seeking natural health benefits without the mind-altering effects of THC. CBD is non-toxic and has potent pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Our CBD helps with:
    Energy and Balance
    Immune Function
    Nervous System
    Stress Response

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  • CBD Rose Milk Bath

    Our Rose CBD Milk Bath is everything you need to relax, restore, and be pain-free.

    Our CBD is Organic, THC FREE, CO2 extracted and third-party certified to ensure top quality. CBD oils penetrate deep into your skin to help reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

    Pink Himalayan salts help sore muscle and elevate your bath to the next level!
    Coconut milk is silky and hydrating, milk baths have been used for thousands of years by royalty!

    Simply add the desired amount to warm bath water and let our Milk bath do the work!

    *250mg of CBD oil per bag
    *Vegan friendly
    * 9 0z bag

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  • Extra Strength CBD Cream

    Our Extra Strength CBD Cream is a lifesaver!

    Made with 1000mg of full-spectrum, organic CBD oil, it’s a powerful cream that alleviates

    pain and inflammation. If you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, athletic injuries or muscle aches, and soreness this cream is for you! Simply apply generously to the affected areas, menthol will cool down inflamed muscles and bone pain immediately. Wait 30-45 minutes and re-apply if needed. Can be re-applied 3-4 times daily.


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