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  • Smudging Kit

    Our Smudge Sage Kit includes everything you need to cleanse stuck negative energy from any space.

    Smudging is an ancient ritual to bring balance and harmony into your life, invite positive energy, prosperity, and abundance into your home with this blessing box. Our box includes:
    * Sage stick
    *Abalone shell
    *Smudging feather
    *Sage candle with a healing crystal
    *Spiritual bath salts

    Burn sage to remove negative energy from any space, if you’re feeling stuck this may be a great time to cleanse your home.

    The abalone shell catches the hot ashes from burning sage, while the feather helps spread smoke into all the small corners where energy can sit stagnantly.
    Our sage candle can be lit anytime you need to feel grounded and balanced, (remove healing crystal before burning)

    Quartz crystal can be programmed with any intention you would like, make sure to charge during full moons or sunlight.

    Spiritual baths are very important, they remove negative energy from your chakras and help you balance.

    All of our products are made with love and light to help you reach your higher self.

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